Rolfing® Structural Integration

 What is Rolfing® Structural Integration?

"Reestablishing the Natural Alignment and Structural Integration of the Human Body for Vitality and Well-Being."

Ida P. Rolf, PhD.

     I am now certified in Rolfing® SI, also known as Rolfing™.  This fascinating therapy was founded in the 50's and 60's by Biochemist Dr. Ida P.Rolf.  She created a recipe that aims towards releasing restrictions in our connective tissue by bringing our structure closer to its vertical line.  It restores healthy functioning of our body so that we can learn how to work with gravity rather than against it.  

     For those who choose to complete the Series this therapy provides more emotional and psychological well-being.  Other positive aspects of this work include ease of movement, better posture, fuller & deeper breathes and a healthier and happier you!!   


What is the Basic Ten Series?

     In the Basis Ten Series the client and practitioner meet for ten sessions each lasting about 75 minutes long and meeting on an average of once every 3 weeks.  In each session the practitioner will cover a specific area and layer of the body that guides their structure back to a more efficient posture.

     The first three sessions are known as the Sleeve sessions and focus on unwrapping the superficial layers of fascia, defining the body in 3D space and preparing the core for what's to come.

     Sessions 4-7 are the Core sessions.  These sessions address the deeper layers of fascia in the body.  They focus on balancing the abdominals and psoas, getting better transmission through the pelvis, a breathing sacrum and putting your "head back on" your spine.  

     The final three sessions are integrative sessions.  They focus on getting the sleeve, core and axial segments of the body working and communicating together.  Once they understand their new patterns and pathways their movements can come from an easier and less efforted place allowing the body to find its neutral, its center.  Now the client can experience their life in a happier and healthier place.  


What can I expect a Rolfing session to feel like?

     In a Rolfing session you can expect to feel touch varying from light to deep pressure that's applied at a slower pace than that of a massage.  I do not use lotions or oils in these sessions so that I can sink into the connective tissue, the fascia, and listen to what the client's system needs.  

     You can also expect to be an active participant in the process on and off the table, as you will get more out of the Series this way and learn more about your body and how to move it in gravitational field in which we live.

     You can also expect to wear your "Rolfing uniform" each session.  This includes any combination of under garments you feel comfortable in, on and off the table.  

EX. Men - Boxer briefs, biking shorts.  Women - Bra & boy shorts; No sports bras 


Benefits of Rolfing® SI

Freedom of movement, Pain Relief,

Increased Flexibility, Range of Motion & Body Awareness

 Fuller-deeper Breathes, Better Athletic Performance,

 Increased energy, Better posture & circulation


“When the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through. Then, spontaneously, the body heals itself." 

-Ida P Rolf, Ph.D.


How often should I get Rolfing after completing the Series?

     After receiving the Series it is good to wait about 6 months before receiving more Rolfing sessions.  This gives the body time to assimilate and manifest the integration of the changes they body has gone through.  


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